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14 January 2021
The claims process for severe financial cost or loss caused by Phoenix is now available. It is important that you look carefully at your situation and make a claim if you are eligible. Together, we have worked hard to ensure you are repaid every cent you are owed.
7 January 2021
"I hope our members know that we are working to ensure their health and safety, protecting their rights and that we’re here to listen if they do have concerns.”
18 December 2020
The New Brunswick Premier wants a one-year wage freeze and three years with only a 1% annual increase for public servants. We are working with all other bargaining agents to push back against this wage freeze.
17 December 2020
Ontario hospital workers are being denied leave with pay when required to self-isolate due to possible COVID-19 exposure. This is unacceptable. We are demanding better.
16 December 2020
We stand in solidarity with present and former Black federal public servants who have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Treasury Board for anti-Black discrimination.
16 December 2020
The last phase of Phoenix compensation is available for PIPSC members who faced severe personal or financial impacts due to Phoenix’s failures.
15 December 2020
On December 5, 2020, a majority of the delegates present chose to suspend the deliberations of the day and resume the AGM on a future date, to be determined by the Institute’s Board of Directors.
15 December 2020
Following the results of our most recent survey of PIPSC members in the federal public service, PIPSC has filed a series of policy grievances with the employer.