Canada Life Headaches?  Check out the PIPSC guide to the updated PSHCP

PIPSC has put out a detailed guide for members of the Public Service Healthcare Plan to help navigate some of the more complex plan changes and explain the appeals processes when a claim is denied.  Members are encouraged to review this document before reaching out to Canada Life, which continues to face significant and unacceptable backlogs in its PSHCP customer support centers.  Members seeking information on their plan or have general questions, can read through our comprehensive guide and FAQ on our website before reaching out to the Canada Life call center.  A webinar is also available to explain the updated plan.

For client issues, Canada Life is prioritizing urgent matters - such as coverage for high-cost drugs.  Minor administrative and coverage errors will be addressed as capacity increases - please expect a significant delay.  Should Canada Life deny a final appeal or should you not be able to reach them for an exceptionally urgent matter - such as costly treatment coverage - PIPSC can attempt to intervene and ask your claim to be given priority.  We note that PIPSC does not have access to your Canada Life account.

PIPSC, other bargaining agents and the Retirees' Association continue to pressure the Treasury Board to demand better of Canada Life.  This is not the level of service we expect or were promised.  We thank our members for their ongoing patience through this frustrating transition and are taking measures to protect your interests.

All members (even those who don't have the PSHCP) are reminded that, through Service Plus, they can benefit from 90% coverage on prescription medication when filled at our pharmacy partner Mednow.  

The public service healthcare plan covers most PIPSC members and their dependents, including retirees working in the Core Public Administration and at many separate employers.