Press Release — New Brunswick Crown Prosecutors Overwhelmingly Vote to Strike

FREDERICTON, May 27, 2024 –– After over a year of contract talks, the crisis facing New Brunswick’s criminal justice system has continued to get worse. New Brunswick Crown Prosecutor President Shara Munn said that left Crown Prosecutors and Family Crown Counsel with no choice but to take action. A strike vote was recently held with a 100% participation rate that delivered a 99% strike mandate should talks fail.

 “We’ll continue to work hard towards a fair deal. But as talks dragged on the reality we face every day working to keep the criminal justice system going just gets harder and harder,” declared Munn. “We are disheartened this crisis has been allowed to get so bad. It’s especially disappointing that a government that talks so much about being tough on crime; has failed to work with us to strengthen our crumbling justice system.”

As the parties approach the next step, a planned conciliation meeting on June 14 and 15, 2024, Crown Prosecutors and Family Crown Counsel are looking for the government to back up their stated commitment to public safety with a willingness to negotiate fairly and present solutions to the recruitment and retention crisis.

“Recruitment and retention problems are putting our justice system at risk. We don’t have enough prosecutors or supports to do our jobs. That’s why prosecutors are united and saying with one voice: The status quo is not working. The government must act,” warned Munn.  “We are dedicated professionals who handle heart-wrenching cases while being crushed under heavy workloads. We’re committed to making sure New Brunswickers have the justice system they deserve. But if the government doesn’t work with us to fix this crisis, more experienced prosecutors will leave and the crisis will get even worse. Community public safety could be put at risk.”

“Crown Prosecutors and Family Crown Counsel want to reach a fair deal. We are standing up for the safety of New Brunswickers. The ball is now in the government’s court to come to the table and work with us in good faith on real solutions,” Munn concluded.


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