PIPSC stands in solidarity with PSAC members

PSAC members at Treasury Board and Canada Revenue Agency are on strike in their fight for a better deal. 

We stand in solidarity with PSAC members and call on the employer to return to the table with our PSAC colleagues to present an offer that meets their demands for fair wage increases in the face of the cost-of-living crisis.

In this round of bargaining, PIPSC's Treasury Board groups have chosen the arbitration route as their strategy for resolving a potential stalemate at the bargaining table. Our AFS group, representing members at CRA, is on a strike route in case of a stalemate. However, the AFS group's bargaining process is not as far advanced as PSAC's, whose contract expired a year before our members' contract.

Regardless of the timing and strategy, one thing is clear: PIPSC and PSAC stand in solidarity together. If our PSAC colleagues choose to take collective action, we will inform our members about actions they can take to show their support for their PSAC colleagues.


You might be asking yourself: What do I do if the building where I work has a picket line of workers from another union?

PIPSC members are required to respect the provisions of their own collective agreements and to report to work even if it is being picketed by workers from a sister union. However, under no circumstances should members place themselves at risk.

Upon arrival at a worksite where there is a picket line, you should immediately contact your supervisors and seek instructions on how to enter safely.

If it is unsafe to cross a picket line, you should exercise your right to refuse work and contact your supervisor and union representative.

Visit our FAQ page for more information on what you need to know.