PIPSC statement on the crisis in the Middle East

We have all been appalled by the bloodshed we’ve witnessed in the past three weeks. 

The conflict in the Middle East has taken a personal toll on PIPSC members with a direct connection to the region. We have members who have lost loved ones in the Hamas attacks on October 7. Members who have lost loved ones in the Israeli response. Members who are worried for the safety of their loved ones across the region. And members who are facing growing Islamophobia, antisemitism and anti-Palestinian racism in our own communities. 

We send these members our deepest condolences and our solidarity. We are in contact with the Muslim Federal Employees Network and the Jewish Public Servants' Network to monitor the experience of our members in the workplace and in the community. We stand united against any expression of hatred. We support our members in creating hate-free spaces for dialogue, engagement and solidarity at a time of grief and division. 

PIPSC has added our support to a growing list of labour and civil society organizations in support of a ceasefire and humanitarian relief. Palestinians, Israelis, and all people in the region deserve to live in peace and security and with justice for all.

We invite all our members to reach out to colleagues inside our union who are directly impacted by this war. This is a time for solidarity and engagement. It’s also a time to reject hatred in all its forms. As a public servant, you are able to engage in rallies, petitions, letter-writing and other political actions that do not promote violence and/or hatred – but you must do so on your personal time (outside of work hours, during paid time off, etc.). If you have any additional questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact your steward.