PIPSC congratulates PSAC on reaching a tentative agreement

PIPSC President Jennifer Carr has released the following statement:

I am proud to see that union activism has moved Canada’s largest employer to offer a better deal to PSAC workers. The improvements made to this deal will benefit every worker in this country - public or private, unionized or unrepresented. 

The federal government tried to force PSAC to accept an offer that was not only bad for PSAC workers, but bad for workers everywhere. But PSAC workers fought back – for all of us. And they secured a better deal. 

For PIPSC members, the fight for a better deal continues. We will pursue our members’ priorities at our negotiation tables. I’m proud of the solidarity shown by PIPSC members marching alongside their PSAC colleagues on those historic picket lines. The same energy will carry us forward as we continue our negotiations in the months ahead. 

The PSAC strike at Canada Revenue Agency continues while the two sides negotiate. We continue to stand in solidarity with our Union of Taxation Employees colleagues until they have reached a fair deal. 

I also thank the Canadian public for their show of support to striking workers. Canadians defied the expectations of certain politicians and commentators, showing a strong level of support for public service workers’ demands - from fair wages to remote and flexible work options. The growing solidarity among workers from all sectors sends a strong message to all employers that Canada’s workers expect a fair deal that respects their contributions to our economy.